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Compare Cheap Van Insurance With More Than 50 Providers

When you depend on a van for your income, it’s essential that you take out cheap van insurance in case it gets stolen or damaged. You’ll need to get back on the road quickly with minimum stress. WeTrust can help you find a policy that protects you and your business. We’ve partnered with Seopa to provide a van comparison service. Whether you drive a transit or a pick-up truck, there are more than 50 providers who can offer you the right insurance for your circumstances.

Van insurance is not 'one size fits all'. What you use your van for will determine the cover you need. For example, a standard policy won't cover you to make deliveries. Our selected van insurance comparison systems cover different kinds of policies including standard, courier, commercial van and company van. If you’re looking to renew your insurance or insure a brand-new van, WeTrust offers an independently owned, unbiased service.

How WeTrust Van Insurance Works

If you own a van and use it for pleasure, business or commercial purposes, then you’ll need a van insurance policy. The protection you need depends on what you use your van for. WeTrust can help you find the right insurance and level of cover in under five minutes.

With our selected van insurance comparison systems, you can tailor a policy to meet your requirements, like extra cover if you keep tools in your van. At a glance, you can compare price, excess and optional extras like legal and breakdown cover from each insurance provider.
100% There For You

Our selected van insurance comparison systems are here to help you find competitive, quality van insurance that will protect you when you need it most. If your van is your livelihood, we want help you stay on the road and in business.

100% Free

WeTrust doesn’t charge you to use our car insurance comparison service. It is 100% free to use. The way we make our money is simple. Whenever you buy a policy, we receive commission from our provider.

Trusted Van Insurance Providers

Our selected van insurance comparison systems offer cheap private and commercial cover from some of the UK’s principal van insurance providers. From a van full of mountain bikes for your weekend trip to goods in transit, we’ve got you covered.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

It’s easy to shop around and compare cheap van insurance deals with WeTrust. Answer some questions, tell us the type of cover you want and we’ll do the rest.

It’ll take under five minutes to find yourself a suitable policy using our selected van insurance comparison systems.
Step 1
Fill in Your Details

Hit the 'Get Quotes Now’ button to give us some information about you, your van and what you use it for. It will be sent to our trusted insurance providers so they can prepare quotes for you.

Step 2
Compare Quotes

In just a few minutes, you’ll see a list of quotes, enabling you to compare van insurance. UK van drivers, take note: don't just look at the price; take time to check which policy has the level of cover you need for your van insurance.

Step 3
Buy your Van Insurance

Once you've found a quote you like, click on 'Next' and you'll be taken to the insurance provider's website. Before you buy, look over your details to make sure they're correct.

WeTrust Van Insurance FAQs

In order to receive an accurate quote, you’ll need to provide information including:

- Personal details – name, address, age, driving history
- Van details – registration number (if you have it), make, model, modifications
- What you use your van for
Like car insurance, you can opt for one of three levels of cover for your van:

Third party
The minimum legal level of cover, third party covers damage and injury to other people and property if you have an accident. It doesn't cover damage to your van.

Third party, fire and theft
Third party, fire and theft van insurance covers the cost of damage and injury to other people, their vehicle and property. It also compensates you for loss or damage to your van if it’s stolen or catches fire, but not for accidental damage.

Comprehensive insurance covers you if you cause damage and injury to other people, property and yourself. It also covers theft and accidental damage to your van.
If you use your van on the road, you must have insurance for it. Car insurance rarely covers vans, so you’ll need a van insurance policy. If you decide not to use it for a few months and store your van off-road, you won’t have to insure it. However, you must let the DVLA know using a SORN declaration.
The right insurance policy for you depends on several factors. Using it for business? You’ll need a commercial policy that gets you back on the road quickly if you have an accident or someone steals your van. Delivering parcels? You may need courier cover or goods cover. Make sure you let insurance providers know what you will use your van for when you fill in the quote form.
No one wants to pay over the odds for van insurance. Things that will help reduce the cost of your insurance include:

- Increasing the security on your van, for example by installing a tracker
- Buy a van without modifications
- Reduce the number of miles you drive
- Don’t pay by instalments
- Don’t let your policy auto-renew, shop around using a comparison service
If you’re only using your van for social and commuting, a private van insurance policy should provide adequate cover. If you’re using your van for business, for example, carrying goods, then you’ll need a commercial policy.
Our insurance providers may be able to provide you with optional extras to increase the protection your policy offers. For example, a courtesy van if your van is off the road, breakdown cover or legal cover. There is usually an additional charge for these.

WeTrust van insurance quotes are provided by Seopa Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

*51% of consumers could save £326.59 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from November 2021. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

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