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Compare Cheap Broadband Deals for Your Business

As a business, how would you cope if you couldn’t take payments or email your customers? A secure, fast and reliable broadband connection is essential in today’s digitally driven world. WeTrust’s business broadband comparison service makes it easy for you to find a tailored package that’s right for your business.

WeTrust provides a comparison service for business broadband. We’re working with leading business broadband providers to bring you affordable deals for services which go well beyond a domestic broadband connection.

How WeTrust Broadband Comparison Works

WeTrust wants to help your business find the best home broadband deals available in your local area with fastest possible speed. With so many business broadband providers to choose from, it can be hard to work out which one will get you connected quickly and for the right price.

There’s lots to consider. What speed do I need for my business broadband? Do I need a business phone line? WeTrust can help you answer these questions and find a business broadband provider who can give you what you need at the right price.


Superfast Full Fibre Business Broadband

Superfast full fibre business broadband will help you do business more quickly and securely. If it’s available in your area, it will be on WeTrust’s comparison service.

Save on Business Broadband and Phone Packages

Whether you want business broadband-only or the whole set, WeTrust can find you a package tailored to your needs.

UK’s Leading Business Telecom Providers

We’ve got the UK’s leading telecom providers and many smaller companies on WeTrust’s business broadband comparison service. Whatever you need, we’ll help you find it.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Business phone and broadband deals are easy to compare with WeTrust. In just minutes, you can compare the best broadband services for your business.
Fill in Your Business Postcode

Once we have your postcode, we can tell you what business broadband and phone deals are available in your area.

Compare the Business Broadband Packages in Your Area

You’ll see a list of business broadband and phone deals, each showing contract length, average speed and price. To see more details about a deal, click on the 'More Info' button.

Choose the Best Business Broadband Package that Suits Your Needs

Once you know which deal you want, we’ll transfer you to the provider’s website. Then, you can complete your purchase or speak to someone if you’ve got any questions.

Common Questions About Broadband Packages

Business broadband is a service tailored specifically for businesses no matter what size they are. Business’s broadband requirements differ significantly from standard broadband. They require faster broadband speeds and usually unlimited usage. A quick, secure and reliable broadband service is crucial for most businesses, and if it fails, they could lose significant amounts of money.

A business normally uses broadband differently than you would at home. For example, running a website, using VoIP telephony or customer management system all need extra bandwidth and more usage. Essentially a business needs bigger and faster broadband.

There are two types of business broadband available.

ADSL: if you’re a small business, an ADSL line should be sufficient. It uses the same line as your landline.

Fibre Optic: much faster than ADSL, your broadband is connected by glass or plastic underground cables. However, it’s not available everywhere.

Mobile: here you connect to broadband with a USB dongle or data card. If your staff travel a lot, they won’t have to go searching for wi-fi if you provide them with mobile data.

Business broadband is tailored to business customers. Benefits include:

Better bandwidth and download speeds: businesses have dedicated broadband lines, unlike domestic broadband, where lines are shared with other users. It means download speeds won’t be affected by the number of people online at the same time.

Priority customer service: if you’re a business and your broadband goes down, you could lose money. For example, an online retailer whose website is down for a few hours could lose out on a significant number of sales. Business broadband providers often give their customers priority support to get them back in business as quickly as possible.

Improved security: you’ll get enhanced security to guard against hackers and loss of data. Providers also offer cloud backup services, too.

A static IP address: an IP address provides online identification for a computer. With home broadband, the IP address changes every time you go online, whereas, with business broadband, it stays the same. Businesses need a static IP address to run certain services, like servers or website hosting.

Enhanced services: with business broadband, you can take advantage of services which could save you money. Services such as VoIP, where you can make phone calls over the internet and save on call charges. Or FTP (file transfer protocol), which you can only use with business broadband as it needs a static IP address.

Yes, business broadband is more expensive because of the additional services it offers that you may need to run your business. Use WeTrust’s comparison service to look for the best deals for business phone and broadband.

To see what cheap business broadband is available near you, put your postcode in the box at the top of this page. You’ll then be able to compare packages and find one that’s suitable for your business.

Yes, similar to home broadband, you can get broadband and phone bundles. If your business needs both, getting them from one provider can be cost-effective. has selected Stickee Technology Limited through a partnership to provide business broadband comparison service. Stickee Technology Limited is registered in England and Wales (Company No. 06711740). Registered Office: 2 The Pavilions, Cranmore Drive, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4SB. Stickee Technology Limited have won many awards and accreditations in the telecommunications industry over the years.

*Annual Savings based on average monthly bill of £34.00 from nationally representative sample (1000) vs our cheapest monthly cost for superfast broadband (>55Mbs), Onestream £18.95 month.


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