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 Trusted Home Insurance Quote Comparisons

Your home is your most important asset. But are you prepared for if the worst happens and you require home insurance? From buildings insurance to cover you against damage to the structure of your home, to contents insurance to cover your possessions, WeTrust can help you to compare a range of providers to find the best home insurance quotes that suit your needs.


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What Does Home Insurance Cover?

There are two types of home insurance – home contents insurance and home buildings insurance. You will usually need to take out both policies, and many providers offer discounts for taking out both types from one provider.

What Does Building Insurance Cover?

Buildings insurance for your home covers the structure of the home, so areas such as the roof, walls and floors. Buildings insurance is usually a requirement of your mortgage lender when you take out a mortgage, as it protects your property should damage occur to the structure of the building. If you live in a leasehold property, your buildings insurance may be covered as part of your service charge, so it is always worth checking this first.

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What Does Home Contents Insurance Cover?

Contents Insurance covers items within your home, so things like your furniture, electrical gadgets, carpets, and appliances. Home contents insurance may also cover your items when away from the home too.

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While these are the basic differences, the actual items covered will depend on your home insurance policy, so it is always worth carefully comparing what is included in any policy that you intend to purchase.

How Much Should Home and Contents Insurance Cost?

The price of home insurance will depend on a wide range of factors. These include where you live, the type of property that you want to insure, previous claims made and of course the level of cover you require. For example, properties that are in a location which is likely to flood will usually carry a higher premium.

The level of cover for contents insurance will often depend on the value of the contents within the property, and it’s suggested that if you have items of particularly high value (e.jewellery, art) that these are covered separately.

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Does Home Insurance Cover Theft Away From the Home?

The short answer is – it depends! Many home contents insurance policies will offer cover of certain items away from the home. However, it does really depend on the policy which you take out. When choosing a home insurance provider, it is worth getting a number of quotes to compare not just cost, but the level of service provided.

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