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Compare pet insurance quotes from trusted providers

WeTrust pet insurance wants to help find the right pet cover policy for you. We understand it’s not just price that’s important but matching you with a policy and provider to suit your needs.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Seopa to let you compare pet insurance providers, giving you the information, you need to make an informed decision.

It doesn’t matter whether your pet is a pedigree or cross-breed – WeTrust can compare the best quotes from a large number of providers to find you the perfect policy suited to your requirements.

Whether you’re just considering a new pet insurance policy or are looking for a better renewal price, WeTrust offers an unbiased, transparent experience

How WeTrust Pet Insurance Works

Looking for the perfect pet insurance can be confusing. Which policy should you buy? What cover do you need? Which insurer will give you the best service? WeTrust is here to simplify the process for you.

We don’t have a hidden agenda. We want to provide you with access to as many insurers as possible so you can choose the right pet insurance policy. When you compare quotes with us, you see the price, excess and policy benefits offered by each insurer.

100% Unbiased

The insurance policies at the end of a quote are ranked solely on price, lowest to highest. You'll also be able to quickly compare details such as excess levels and if the policy contained the extras you require. We provide impartial information; you decide which policy you want

100% Free

WeTrust doesn’t charge you to use our pet insurance comparison service. It is 100% free to you. The way we make our money is simple. Whenever you buy a policy, we receive commission from our provider.

A variety of Pet Insurance providers

WeTrust's comparison service has access to a wide variety of pet insurance providers. From global insurance giants to smaller brokers, all our insurance partners want to help find you a great deal. And by 'great deal' we mean the right cover at a reasonable price.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Shopping around and comparing quotes is one of the ways to get cheap pet insurance. Pet owners no longer have to spend hours on the phone to get the best deal.

Now you can find a policy in less than five minutes using our selected pet insurance comparison systems.
Fill in Your Details

Click on the Get Quotes Now button and fill in your details. They will help us find the right policy for you based on your needs.

Compare quotes

The comparison service will come back with quotes for your pet. You can compare price, benefits and excess levels and see more details about each policy.

Purchase your pet insurance

Choose the quote you want and click the 'Next' button to go to the insurance provider’s website. Check that all your details are correct and buy your policy.

WeTrust Pet Insurance FAQs

You will need to provide information about you and your pet(s) so you can get the most accurate quote. You must provide the right information to avoid having your policy cancelled, or a claim rejected.

There are fourtypes of cover to choose from:

Accident-only – An accident-only policy, as the name suggests, usually only covers medical expenses that you incur when your pet is injured in an accident. For that reason, it’s usually the cheapest type of pet insurance, but it does mean you’ll have to cover the cost yourself if your pet needs medical attention for an illness. Some of these accident-only policies also limit the total amount they’ll payout for a single accident, while others might only payout for a limited period of time after a pet is injured.

Per-condition – Per-condition policies tend to limit the total amount they’ll pay out for any single condition. Depending on the policy you choose the limit might be a certain amount of money, or it might cover the condition for a certain amount of time following its diagnosis. Once that time limit or monetary limit has been reached the policy usually no longer covers any expenses relating to that particular condition. This could be a good option if you’re looking for cheaper UK pet insurance, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the cheapest of these policies could have fairly low per-condition limits so you should double-check this before signing on the dotted line.

Annual pet insurance – This type of insurance policy gives you the flexibility to switch insurance provider if you wish, however, you should bear in mind that each new insurance policy you decide to take out could cost more than the previous one due to your pet’s advancing age. It’s also important to understand that each time you take out a new annual insurance policy previously diagnosed conditions usually won’t be covered, since the new policy will class them as ‘pre-existing medical conditions’.

Lifetime pet cover – Lifetime cover is usually the most expensive type of pet insurance but it is the most comprehensive level of cover available. Provided your pet doesn’t have any pre-existing medical conditions when you first sign up for this type of policy, you will usually be covered for most types of illnesses, up to a maximum annual payout amount. These policies are sometimes known as annual benefit policies because they have a pre-condition limit that is renewed annually along with the policy.

You must give the correct details about you and your car when you get a quote. If you don’t, your cover could be invalidated, or a claim rejected.

An excess is the amount of money you have to pay towards the cost of a claim. Policies usually have two kinds of excess – compulsory and voluntary. The insurance provider sets a compulsory excess. You can’t change it or remove it from the policy. Voluntary excess is set by you, the policyholder. Usually, choosing a higher excess will reduce the cost of your policy.

*This policy provides annual cover including the cost of vet fees up to £2,500.
(You have a choice of pet profiles outlined below, one of which MUST be included as part of the disclaimer). *Price per month for cover based on a cat, Skippy, aged 4, no known medical conditions, neutered, up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.  *Price per month for cover based on a cat, Roxy, aged 12, no known medical conditions, neutered, up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.

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