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Compare Energy Prices – Switch Gas & Electric Suppliers

From warming you up to keeping you entertained, your home needs energy to keep it running. At WeTrust we let you find not only the most trusted energy suppliers, but also the best gas and electric suppliers to suit your needs. This involves looking at the whole picture of your household – the size, number of people living there and how you use your energy services. No two households are the same – we’ll compare gas and electric services that are right for you.


How It Works


How to Switch My Energy Supplier

Switching energy supplier is incredibly simple but you will need to check first whether your current provider has any fees or penalties if you exit your current gas and/or electricity contract as exit fees are quite usual with a lot of energy deals. To switch suppliers, you will usually need some information to hand such as your postcode, your current energy supplier, and your bank details to be able to set up a direct debit. It is worth comparing tariffs and fees as one household will use their energy very differently from another, so think about things like what times are you home, do you use a lot of gas for heating, and do you run appliances regularly such as dishwashers and tumble dryers. Take a look at our trusted suppliers to see what great energy deals are available that will suit you.

When Can I Change My Energy Supplier?

In theory you can change your energy supplier at any time. However, as outlined above, many providers of gas and electric may charge a penalty if you exit your contract early. The good news is that most UK energy providers should allow you to leave your current contract up to 49 days ahead of your tariffs end date without incurring any penalty fees.

How Much is Gas and Electric Per Month?

How long is a piece of string? The amount of gas and electric you use will vary based on a wide range of factors! Things like how often you need to have the heating on, how often you use appliances, when you are in your home and how well insulated your current home is will all factor into the price you will pay monthly for your gas and electric. However, when comparing gas and electric suppliers, it is worth looking at their tariffs and also any standing charges (the amount you pay to have the supply).

 Who Supplies My Gas and Electric?

If you have just moved home, it may be difficult to understand who currently supplies your gas and/or electric. However there are specific companies who can help. If you are not sure who supplies your gas – you can call the Meter Point Administration Service on 0870 608 1524 Don’t know who supplies our electricity? You need to contact your local electricity distribution company – you can use this link.

Can I Change Energy Supplier If in Debt?

This will depend on the length of time in which you have been in debt. If the debt has been outstanding for less than 28 days you can still switch your energy supplier. The amount that you owe will be added to the final bill from your previous supplier. However, if the amount you owe has been outstanding for over 28 days, you will be required to pay off the debt before you can switch energy supplier. If you are on a prepayment meter, things are a little different. If you owe less than £500 for gas and £500 for electricity, you are able to switch supplier. But this doesn’t mean that the debt disappears! Instead it is ported to your new supplier – so they take the debt on, and you owe this to them instead of your previous energy provider.

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