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Compare travel insurance quotes that suit your needs

WeTrust wants to help find the right travel insurance policy for you. We understand it’s not just price that’s important but matching you with a policy and provider to suit your needs.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Seopa to let you compare travel insurance providers, giving you the information, you need to make an informed decision.

Whether you are a regular traveller or are looking for cover for a one-off trip – The comparison service has more than 100 travel insurance providers waiting to give you a quote.

WeTrust offers an unbiased, transparent experience.

How WeTrust Travel Insurance Works

Buying travel insurance can be confusing. Which policy should you buy? What cover do you need? Which insurer will give you the best service? WeTrust is here to simplify the process for you.

We don’t have a hidden agenda. We want to provide you with access to as many insurers as possible so you can choose the right travel insurance policy. When you compare quotes with us, you see the price, excess and policy benefits offered by each insurer.

100% Unbiased

The insurance policies at the end of a quote are ranked solely on price, lowest to highest. You'll also be able to quickly compare details such as excess levels and whether the policy includes windscreen cover. We provide impartial information; you decide which policy you want.

100% Free

WeTrust doesn’t charge you to use the travel insurance comparison service. It is 100% free to you. The way we make our money is simple. Whenever you buy a policy, we receive commission.

A variety of Travel Insurance providers

The comparison service has access to a wide variety of travel insurance providers. From global insurance giants to smaller brokers, all the insurance partners want to help find you a great deal. And by 'great deal' we mean the right cover at a reasonable price.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Shopping around and comparing quotes is one of the ways to get cheap travel insurance. You no longer have to spend hours on the phone to get the best deal.

Now you can find a policy in less than five minutes using the selected travel insurance comparison systems.
Fill in Your Details

Click on the "Get Quotes Now" button and fill in your details. This will help the comparison service find the right policy for you based on your needs.

Compare quotes

The comparison service will come back with quotes for your trip. You can compare price, benefits and excess levels and see more details about each policy.

Purchase your travel insurance

Choose the quote you want and click the 'Next' button to go to the insurance provider’s website. Check that all your details are correct and buy your policy.

WeTrust Travel Insurance FAQs

You can take out different types of travel insurance policies depending on where you’re going, the purpose of the trip and the length of time you’re going for. The two main options you might want to consider are:

Single trip cover – this insures you for one trip that lasts for that specific period of time.

Annual cover – which is also known as multi-trip cover, can insure you for 12 months from the date you take out the policy. You can take several trip during this time but only for a limited number of days per trip.

If you often travel two or three times a year, it would be a better value going why an annual policy compared to taking out several single trip policies.

When you’re ready to compare travel insurance policies it’s important to bear in mind that the vast majority of them will impose a maximum duration each trip can last, and this maximum will usually still apply even if you opt for an annual policy. For example, you might be covered to take four trips in one year with your annual policy but each trip might be limited to a maximum of 31 days, for instance.

If your trip is likely to be longer than this you should either speak to your insurer about extending your insurance or else consider taking out a backpacker insurance policy. These policies are aimed at anyone travelling to lots of different countries for long periods of time (usually at least 12 months continuously). You can use our comparison service to compare travel insurance policies like this as well.

Travel insurance policies will impose their own conditions and exclusions, and these may well vary from one insurance company to another. However, each of the exclusions and limitations must be made clear in your policy documents, which is why it’s important to check these before you travel.

Travel insurance is still worthwhile even if you’re having a ‘staycation’.

Cancellations, last-minute delays and lost luggage still happen if you’re holidaying closer to home, which means a suitable UK travel insurance policy could help you avoid losing out.

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