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For most people, a mobile phone is now a necessity, not a luxury. Whether you want a chat with your mum or need to check your bank account, your phone is the way to do it. There are a vast number of deals available. Trying to find one that suits your pocket and phone habits can be mind-boggling – that’s where WeTrust comes in.

WeTrust provides you with a service which compares mobile deals from leading providers across the market. Love streaming music or watching movies? Find a deal with a large data allowance. Only use your phone for phone calls and texting? Get a handset with basic functionality. Whatever you need, WeTrust can help you choose the right network, tariff and handset.

How WeTrust Mobile Phone Comparison Works

WeTrust makes it quick and easy for you to save money on your mobile phone deals. UK customers who want either a monthly contract or a SIM-only deal can get an at-a-glance view of what’s on offer.

With WeTrust, you can find deals that include precisely what you want. Bought your handset already? We’ll find you a deal with a monthly allowance of data, texts and call time only. Need a new phone? We’ll find you a monthly contract that includes a phone and usage bundle. Get your perfect package with WeTrust’s mobile phone comparison service.
All major UK providers

WeTrust’s comparison service shows you deals from the UK’s four major networks: 02, EE, Vodaphone and Three. You’ll also see what’s on offer from other companies, such as Tesco Mobile, BT and Virgin.

Mobile phone Contracts and SIM-only deals

You can choose from two different contracts depending on what you need.

Huge range of handsets

You may think Samsung is stupendous, Google is great, or Apple is amazing. Whatever your favourite brand, you could get the best mobile phone deals with WeTrust.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

It’s quick and easy to compare mobile phone packages with WeTrust. Search by handset type, contract or provider to find a deal that’s right for you.
Step 1
The deal you want

Choose the deal you want: Mobile phone contract or SIM only plan.

Step 2
See what’s available

We'll show you the phones, networks and deals available.

Step 3
Filter your results

Search by phone, data allowance, provider and contract term.

Step 4
Choose your deal

Click on 'See Deal' and get the phone you want at the right price.

WeTrust Mobile Phones FAQs

All mobile phone tariffs vary depending on the network you’re with. They usually include inclusive minutes, texts, data and international calls from the UK.
You can choose from three different contracts

Monthly: you pay a fee each month for a phone and receive a bundle of calls, texts and data. You are tied to one network provider and contracts can last between 12 and 36 months. Mobile phones can be expensive to buy upfront, so this is a way of buying one in instalments.

SIM only: If you’ve already got a mobile phone, you can get a deal and just pay for your calls, text and data.
It will depend on what you use your phone for. If you’re someone who only really uses it for calls and texting, then you'll only need a small allowance, for example, 500MB/month. If you spend hours on social media or streaming movies, you're going to need a heavy-duty allowance to keep you online.

To give you some idea of what you may need:

Browsing the internet: doesn’t use much data. If you’re looking at websites for an hour, you’ll use around 23MB.

Social Media: low usage unless you upload lots of photos or watch videos.

Emails: again, low data usage unless you download large attachments, for example, videos and photos.

Streaming or downloading music or videos: will take a chunk of your data allowance. You’d be better off using wi-fi.
The million-dollar question! It’s all down to personal choice. Some people can’t think of life without an iPhone. Others have an appetite for Android. Here are some things to consider when picking a new handset:

Battery life: a key consideration, you’ll definitely want a phone with decent battery life.

Operating system: Apple, Android and Windows all have their unique features, so it's down to personal preference. However, if you've got a MacBook and a subscription to Apple Music, an Android device won't integrate as well as an iPhone.

Data storage: if you take videos or your music library is bigger than Madonna’s back catalogue, you’ll want a sizeable amount of storage, or room for a microSD card.

Camera: if you’re a selfie-addict or sunrise snapper, then a good-quality camera on your phone is a must.
If you’re looking to keep the cost of your mobile phone bills down, you can:

Buy your phone upfront: and get a SIM-only deal.

Sell your old phone: if your old handset is in good condition, put it on a selling site or recycle it with your network.

Free up storage space: keep your photos and videos in the cloud rather than paying for a phone with lots of storage.

Don’t go over your data limits: you’ll be charged extra if you do, so use wi-fi when you can..

Avoid roaming charges: using your phone abroad can be expensive. Check with your network how much they charge and if they’ve got any deals to help keep costs down.
Yes, you can take your number with you. You’ll need to get a PAC code from your current network and give it to your new one. They’ll then get your number transferred to your new SIM and phone.
With mobile phones, UK customers should always shop around to find the right deal. WeTrust’s mobile phone comparison service can help you find a package that suits any budget quickly and easily. You'll see special offers from the leading networks, and you can choose the contract that fits your usage.

WeTrust mobile phone deals comparisons are provided by Stickee Technology Limited who have won many awards and accreditations in the telecommunications industry over the years.

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