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Looking for Cheaper Breakdown Cover?

WeTrust wants to help find the perfect breakdown cover for you. We understand it’s not just price that’s important but matching you with the right cover and provider to suit your needs.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Seopa to let you compare breakdown cover providers, giving you the information, you need to make an informed decision.

WeTrust can provide you with quotes from up to 10 of the best breakdown cover providers.

WeTrust offers an unbiased, transparent experience.

How WeTrust Breakdown Cover Works

Buying breakdown cover can be confusing. Which policy should you buy? What cover do you need? Which provider will give you the best service? WeTrust is here to simplify the process for you.

We don’t have a hidden agenda. We want to provide you with access to as many providers as possible so you can choose the right cover to suit you. When you compare quotes with us, you see the price, excess, and policy benefits offered by each provider.

100% Unbiased

The cover policies at the end of a quote are ranked solely on price, lowest to highest and you'll also be able to quickly compare details We provide impartial information; you decide which policy you want

100% Free

WeTrust doesn’t charge you to use the breakdown cover comparison service. It is 100% free to you. The way we make our money is simple. Whenever you buy a policy, we receive commission from our provider.

A variety of breakdown cover providers

WeTrust's comparison service has access to a wide variety of breakdown cover providers. From global giants to smaller brokers, all our partners want to help find you a great deal. And by 'great deal' we mean the right cover at a reasonable price.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Shopping around and comparing quotes is one of the ways to get cheap breakdown cover. UK drivers no longer have to spend hours on the phone to get the best deal.

Now you can find a policy in less than five minutes using our selected breakdown cover comparison systems.
Fill in Your Details abc

Click on the Get Quotes Now button and fill in your details. They will help us find the right policy for you based on your needs.

Compare Breakdown Cover Quotes abc

The comparison service will come back with quotes for you. You can compare price, benefits and extras, and see more details about each policy.

Buy Your Cover abc

Choose the quote you want and click the 'Next' button to go to the breakdown cover provider’s website. Check that all your details are correct and buy your policy.

WeTrust Breakdown Cover FAQs

There are generally two main types of breakdown insurance in the UK…

Standard breakdown insurance is typically the most convenient option and is the basic option that most breakdown insurance companies offer. With this kind of insurance, the driver tends to choose the level of coverage that is best for their needs and pays upfront for breakdown services. The fee is payable annually, and entitles the driver to breakdown assistance for the following year, at no additional charge. With this kind of breakdown insurance, most providers operate their own breakdown assistance service

Standard breakdown cover offers a choice between personal and vehicle-based insurance. With the personal option, the policyholder is covered in any vehicle in which they travel. In contrast, with the vehicle-based option, the driver nominates a vehicle for coverage, and that vehicle is covered.

Note that most policies cover only the first 60 minutes of labour when a driver needs roadside assistance, and most policies do not cover the cost of any parts that are needed to fix the car. If a driver wants coverage for all repair costs, including parts, this typically entails paying a higher premium, and possibly also paying an excess on each claim.

Pay and claim cover is similar to standard insurance, in that an annual fee is paid upfront for breakdown services. There are two main differences between this and standard breakdown insurance. First, the breakdown company contracts its services out to local providers, rather than running its own. Second, when a driver calls for assistance, they usually must pay the local provider, and then send their receipts to the insurance company for reimbursement. Pay and claim cover could be cheaper than standard breakdown insurance, so essentially the policyholder could be paying a cheaper price but misses out on some of the convenience of the standard policy. Note that neither kind of breakdown insurance is intended to be an alternative to maintaining a vehicle. Most providers could decline to help a driver who calls multiple times for the same problem, without repairing their vehicle after the first instance.

Drivers looking for cheap breakdown insurance might find it useful to compare fixed-price premiums versus calculated premiums. This could be an important consideration because calculated premiums are based on factors such as annual mileage and the age of the designated vehicle. So the older the car is, or the more often the driver travels, the higher the annual premiums will be. This might mean that sometimes it may be cheaper to opt for a fixed-price policy, but drivers could also keep in mind the differences in coverage level between these kinds of policies.

As well as this, a household that runs multiple cars may be able to get a discount on premiums by having all the vehicles insured with the same breakdown provider.

Picking the pay and claim option over standard breakdown insurance could also reduce costs, but the trade-off may be a lower level of service.

WeTrust has selected Seopa Limited to provide you breakdown cover comparisons which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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