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Compare Business Energy Tariffs and Get a Better Price

Are you a loyal customer who has stuck with their business energy supplier for years? You may be on a higher tariff than you should be. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established UK-wide company, you don’t want to overpay for your business electricity and gas. That’s where WeTrust’s business energy comparison service can help. WeTrust and our partner, Love Energy Savings, are passionate about saving our customers' money. By switching tariffs, you could cut your business energy costs.

Our comparison service can help you access cheaper deals from trusted energy suppliers in under five minutes. With business energy, it’s not just about money. If you experience a power cut, it can hit your pocket and your reputation. A business energy provider with top-quality customer service that can quickly fix any issues is a must – which is why we’ve got some of the UK’s leading providers waiting to give you a quote.

How WeTrust Business Energy Works

WeTrust’s business energy comparison service is quick, easy and hassle-free. You tell us a few details; we'll show you a list of prices from leading energy providers. You choose the deal you want; we'll notify your current supplier and start the switching process. You concentrate on running your business; we negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, switch you to your new tariff and save you time and money.

Once you’ve signed up to a new business energy supplier, there’s no going back. Unlike domestic energy, there’s no cooling-off period when you switch suppliers. Make sure the deal you sign up to is the right one for your business, especially if it’s a long-term deal.

After the initial five-minute form-filling session, just sit back and wait for us to update you on the progress of your switch. Now, you can't get more 'hassle-free' than that.

Personalised Service

A dedicated account manager will look after you and your business energy requirements throughout your contract. After the initial switch, they’ll deal with any changes, for example, if you move premises. Then, when it’s time to renew your energy tariff, they’ll be there to help with that, too.

100% Independent

WeTrust is entirely independent, so you can depend on us to provide a trustworthy, transparent service. Our comparison service returns quotes based on price, lowest to highest. You’ll also see the estimated savings you could make over a year.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

WeTrust makes it fast and easy to compare energy prices and find the best deal. Answer a few questions, pick a tariff that suits you and we’ll do the rest.

It takes minutes to fill in our quote form and see the deals for your area.
Step 1
Fill in Your Details

We’ll ask you for your name, business address, contact number, current energy supplier and how much you pay for your gas or electricity.

Step 2
Compare Quotes

Click on the 'See Results' button, and we'll show you the deals we've found for you.

Step 3
Switch your energy provider

See a price you like? Click on 'Switch Now' to complete your switch. If you need some help, you can talk to one of our team via live chat.

WeTrust Business Energy FAQs

All we need from you is your business address, the name of your current supplier and how much you pay for your energy. The information will be on your latest energy bill.
Similar to home energy, commercial customers can get a fixed-rate tariff, where you agree a price for a certain number of years. The rate you pay stays the same during the term of your contract. A rollover contract automatically renews at the end of the contract term unless you cancel it. Review what you’re paying for your energy when it’s due for renewal to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

When you move into business premises, the current supplier will put you on a deemed rate. You won’t have a contract with them, but they supply the energy to the property and charge you for it. A deemed rate is likely to be more expensive than other tariffs. It’s advisable to compare business electricity or gas with WeTrust and get a better deal.
Unfortunately, business energy suppliers usually only offer separate tariffs, so you can’t get a dual fuel deal.
Most of us are in business to make money. Keeping overheads down is, therefore, an essential part of running a business. Energy prices change constantly and can impact your bottom line if you don’t have the right deal in place. WeTrust’s business energy comparison service can help you find the right tariff.
Using a business energy comparison service like WeTrust is top of the list. Here are some other ways you can cut down on energy consumption:

- Swap to energy-saving lightbulbs
- Use motion sensors to switch off lights automatically
- Conduct an energy audit and find out where you’re using energy
- Put an energy management system in place
- Use the timer on your air conditioning to regulate the temperature
- Keep the doors and windows closed when the air con is on
- Switch computers off when they’re not being used
Sometimes it can take a while to switch over to a new supplier. Start comparing business energy suppliers six months before your current contract ends and WeTrust will do the rest, leaving you to get on with business. We’ll update you regularly, so you’ll always know what stage your switch is at.
No, that’s WeTrust’s job. We just need to you send us a Letter of Authority, which lets us switch on your behalf. Once we’ve got the letter, we’ll take care of everything else.

*358,105 customers switched and £100 million saved as of April 2021. **Since inception, Love Energy Savings has saved customers on average
£1,067 on each switch. This data was collected on 01.07.2021 The average SME electricity bill is £2,400pa (consumption below 50,000kWh).

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