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Compare Motorbike Insurance

Whether you’re riding a Harley or a moped as a motorcycle driver you want to ensure that you are covered by the best motorbike insurance for your needs. With increases in fuel costs and heavier traffic on UK roads, many drivers are turning to motorbikes as their preferred form of transport. WeTrust will help you to find the best motorbike insurance for your needs from companies you can trust.


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Can I get One Day Motorbike Insurance?

Yes! Many providers offer one day motorbike insurance. In fact there are several providers who offer motorbike insurance that varies in length. In fact, with the UK weather being unpredictable, many motorbike riders choose not to ride all year round, so several motorbike insurance companies offer policies that vary in length, however if you do choose a short term policy remember that if you are not covered, if the bike is stolen or damaged while off road, there is no cover, and you will also need to declare it as SORN. Take a look at our comparison tool to find a policy from a trusted provider that fits with your needs.

Do You need insurance to tax a motorbike?

Your motorbike must be insured at the time of taxing, although as you can now tax your vehicle online you no longer have to always provide the physical copy of your motorbike insurance, however the DVLA will then check whether you are insured.


You Use Motorbike No Claims For Car Insurance?

There are some providers who will offer this service, but to be honest the majority will not take motorbike no claims into consideration when assessing your car insurance policy. At WeTrust, we understand that comparing policies goes beyond price so always aim to match you with a provider who suits your needs, so if you are looking for a provider who offers this, just get in touch – or use our comparison tool to look at the best car insurance providers.

Is motorbike insurance cheaper than car insurance
in the UK?

Is motorbike insurance cheaper than car insurance in the UK?

When a motorbike insurance company works out risk, it is based on a very wide number of factors including the costs of the bike, the age of the bike, the motorbike brand and then of course the driver’s experience, age, location and a wide range of other factors, just as car insurers do. Therefore it’s quite difficult to actually do a like-for like comparison of car vs motorbike insurance. However generally speaking motorbike insurance costs would be less than for car, but not necessarily of equivalent value. Why not take a look at our motorbike insurance comparison tool to find out if you could save money by switching to a bike.

Do you have to declare car accidents when getting a quote for motorbike insurance?

It is wise to declare any accidents when getting a quote for motorbike insurance, as you do not want to come unstuck at a later stage if you need to make a claim. Failing to disclose information can result in your policy becoming void so always give your motorbike insurance provider the most comprehensive information.

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