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Technology is an ever-growing part of modern living, it’s the primary way we stay connected to the outer world, whether its staying in touch with loved ones of finding out how the team are doing in the ‘big game’, you rely on telco companies to help you get the best out of your technology. That’s why, at WeTrust, we focus on the quality of the services you use most.

How it works


When Sir Tim Burners-Leigh invented the worldwide web access the connection he used wasn’t as dependable as the modern broadband connections you can trust today. Broadband allows you and your family to have an ‘always on’ internet experience which means you can access the internet whenever you need to.

ADSL is the most common form of broadband available on the market, it uses the landline network to deliver a broadband connection at your household requires you to use a router to connect all the devices in your home. In order to qualify for ADSL broadband you simply need to have a landline in a providers service area.

Fibre Broadband
The fastest broadband offering in the UK uses fibre-optic cabling that can deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps to your home. While Fibre is not available in all areas, some providers are offering on demand connections in areas where there is a high demand . One of the key selling points of Fibre broadband packages, other than their speed is that in some  areas you won’t have to pay Line Rental if you don’t need a landline.


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