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Our Trusted Boiler Installation Deals

A boiler is the heart of your home. Without it, you’re left with a cold, damp and unpleasant place to live. When the time comes for a new one, making the right decisions can be very overwhelming. It’s a serious investment.

WeTrust makes this process easier. As well as reading our Guide to Choosing the Right Boiler , you can rest assured that our experts have found the best installations deals. You can buy the best boiler on the market, but if it isn’t installed correctly, you will lose all the benefit.

How it works

At WeTrust we like to make our processes as quick and simple as possible. After a series of easy-answer questions to evaluate your needs, our search tool will generate a list our best deals from our trusted providers.

Save Money and Energy
An efficient and effective new boiler will do three things – save energy, reduce your bills and keep you warm! People have a tendency to run boilers until the end of their lives, but this actually increases monthly costs and wastes energy. By upgrading, you will save money. How?

  • If your older boiler is 60% efficient, it means you are losing 40p of every £1 you spend
  • New boilers are 90%+ efficient, meaning only 10p is wasted
  • Depending on the make, model and age of your old and new boiler, you could save over £300 per year in energy bills

The cost of installing a new boiler can be daunting. That said, prices are coming down. A report put together by the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors for Which? magazine stated that the cost for a new boiler plus installation can fall anywhere between £1040 and £4250.

Think about a warmer winter this year with a few more pounds in your pocket! Let us find you one of our trusted boiler installation deals today.

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