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Our Trusted Home Phone Providers

Landlines may seem like an old-fashioned telecoms solution, but they are still very much is use. Many broadband providers still supply services through landline connections, making it essential to have one in your home. But given the fact we use the actual landline phones less and less, nobody wants to pay more than they have to. That’s why WeTrust has negotiated the best deals on the market with our landline providers.

How it works

Landline Phone

The telephone has been around since the turn of the 20th century, and despite the evolution of mobile phones, landlines remain in the majority of UK homes. Remember that you do not have to use the same provider for your landline as you do for you broadband. If you find services cheaper with different companies, there is no reason why you can’t use both.

Here are some key considerations when looking at landline plans:

Line Rental
To have an active landline there is a line rental charge that can increase periodically, much like with gas and electricity. Many providers now offer considerable savings if you are able to pay quarterly or yearly upfront. It may mean spending more initially but it could save you up to 10% over the year.

Local and National Calls
Landline packages often include national calls in the evenings, at weekends and sometimes throughout the day too. However, this is not the case for international calls. If you have family or friends abroad, you should consider international call charges and see if landline providers offer an add-on to keep the costs down.

Premium Numbers
Although numbers such as 0800 and 0808 are now free to call from mobiles, there are many premium numbers that still incur cost, but that are free from landlines. This is one of the main reasons why UK households keep a landline. A WeTrust comparison will take into account the charges to premium numbers from different providers.


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