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Broadband, Phone & TV Bundles 2018-04-05T11:25:54+00:00

Our Trusted Broadband, Phone & TV Bundles

Broadband, phone and TV bundles are considered an essential part of modern living to many, and can be a large part of your monthly budget. Increasingly, customers are becoming aware how vital it is to have a responsible and trustworthy broadband provider, as the effects of bad service can have a huge impact on your home life. Here at WeTrust, we help you find not only the package that suits your needs, but lets you know that any provider which we recommend it trusted by other consumers.


How It Works


What Broadband speed do I need?

It’s worth looking at your household internet usage before committing to your broadband package. How many members of your household use the internet? What type of devices are you using and what for? For example, if you only check emails and perhaps surf the net, you won’t need a package that offers high speed downloads. But if you like to create and upload video, play games online and stream lots of television, it is worth investing in a package that offers high download limits (there are many that offer unlimited download) with high speed too.

What is fibre broadband?

Fibre optic broadband refer to the type of cabling that is used to transfer the data to your home. Traditionally, broadband was transferred using copper wires, which don’t offer the same speeds that can be afforded by fibre optic. If you use the internet a lot, or have a lot of devices connected within your home, fibre optic broadband can be a great option to keep you connected.

What’s the Best TV Package?

What type of TV package you need really depends on your watching habits. Do you love sports, or perhaps enjoy a great film. All of the main providers can offer tailored packages that suit your requirements. With other online tv and film streaming services now available, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV, it may be the case that you don’t require a TV package at all and would prefer to invest your money in a great broadband connection instead.

Can I get fibre optic broadband?

Unfortunately, fibre broadband is not available in all areas, although the coverage is growing across the UK. Most cities do now boast access to fibre broadband, but some less populated areas may not yet have the cabling to enable it. Check our comparison tool to find out whether your area is covered.

How to compare TV, Phone and Broadband Packages

It can be difficult when choosing a provider to understand which TV, phone and broadband package works well for you. It may be that you need all three of these services, or just require broadband and TV. At WeTrust we believe that the key to choosing the right package is understanding both what your priorities are, and using a provider who offers great customer service. Keeping connected is part of everyday life, so you want to ensure that you choose a provider in whom you can trust, which is why we review this for you.

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