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Our Trusted Broadband, Phone & TV Bundles

Broadband, phone and TV bundles. The essentials of modern-living – and probably a large part of your monthly budget. When you are choosing a provider for these services, there’s a lot to be considered. You need quality, reliability and high levels of service, all at an affordable price. This doesn’t have to be hard to find though. WeTrust makes it easy by sourcing the best providers and putting the best deals right in front of you via our innovative comparison tool.

How it works

Telecom Bundles

At WeTrust we not only help you find telecom bundles that are tailored to your needs, we find you deals that will reward you for being a loyal customer. Bundle discounts are a great way for our Trusted providers to reward you for keeping all your services with them, but many go beyond this and offer vouchers or cash- back incentives too. Telecoms is one of your monthly ‘big spends’ – make sure you get it right by using WeTrust.


Looking For Individual Telecom Deals?

View the deals below for individual telecom services:

The telephone has been around since the turn of the 20th century, and despite the evolution of mobile phones, landlines remain in the majority of UK homes. Remember that you do not have to use the same provider for your landline as you do for you broadband. If you find services cheaper with different companies, there is no reason why you can’t use both.

Here are some key considerations when looking at landline plans:

Line Rental
To have an active landline there is a line rental charge that can increase periodically, much like with gas and electricity. Many providers now offer considerable savings if you are able to pay quarterly or yearly upfront. It may mean spending more initially but it could save you up to 10% over the year.

Local and National Calls
Landline packages often include national calls in the evenings, at weekends and sometimes throughout the day too. However, this is not the case for international calls. If you have family or friends abroad, you should consider international call charges and see if landline providers offer an add-on to keep the costs down.

Premium Numbers
Although numbers such as 0800 and 0808 are now free to call from mobiles, there are many premium numbers that still incur cost, but that are free from landlines. This is one of the main reasons why UK households keep a landline. A WeTrust comparison will take into account the charges to premium numbers from different providers.


When Sir Tim Burners-Leigh invented the worldwide web access, the connection he used wasn’t as dependable as the modern broadband you can Trust today. Broadband allows you and your family to have an ‘always on’ internet experience, meaning you can access the internet whenever you need to.

ADSL is the most common form of broadband available on the market. It uses the landline network to deliver a broadband connection and requires you to use a router to connect all the devices in your home. In order to qualify for ADSL broadband, you simply need to have a landline in a provider’s service area.

Fibre Broadband
The fastest broadband offering in the UK uses fibre-optic cabling that can deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps to your home. While fibre is not available in all areas, some providers are offering on demand connections in areas where there is high call for it. One of the key selling points of fibre broadband, other than its speed, is that in some areas you won’t have to pay line rental if you don’t need a landline.


Keeping in touch while you’re on the move shouldn’t be a challenge. Our Trusted providers are selected for their exceptional levels of service – both telecoms and customer related. Not only this, the WeTrust team of industry experts works closely with Telcom companies to secure exclusive deals for our user community. Whether you’re happy with your current handset and just need a new mobile contract, or are looking to upgrade to the latest smartphone on the market, WeTrust will be here to help you find the best solution at the most affordable price.


TV has evolved a lot in the last 10 years and we now have the option to bundle our TV services with our other communication services to make it more affordable. Being able to tailor your TV service to suit your household’s viewing needs means that everyone will be happy. Sports channels, kids channels, travel channels – there really is something for everyone. By using WeTrust, you will be able to find the exact TV deals you need, at the best price, with service providers that won’t let you down.


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