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Our Dealers

Whether it’s your first car or you’re looking to get a new car that fits your growing family, WeTrust is here to help you find Trusted Dealers with affordable deals so that you can get exactly what you want. There are 2 options available: Buying or Long-Term Leasing.

Buying from a Dealer

Buying a new car can be a complicated business, with lots of different options to consider. At WeTrust we work with trusted dealerships for most of the brands on the market, we act as a personal agent for you finding the best car deals with exclusive discounts and the best finance options to suit.

How to Buy with WeTrust:

1. Search for the kind of car and how much it usually costs

2. Submit the details to in our request form, include
– All the car specifications
– Your Deposit
– Details of your car if you trade / parts exchange it
– How long you’d like to spend paying it off
– Any quotes you have already received

3. We’ll get in touch with dealers that have the best options for you and get them to contact you

4. Sign you contract

5. Drive away in your new car

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