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Our Community

Driving for many is a rite of passage and finding the right driving instructor for you is an important part of the journey. Our Trusted driving instructor community, unlike traditional driving schools provides you with detailed profiles of instructors from all over the UK, who have met our WeTrust standards and your learning needs.

Getting your Licence

Here’s the WeTrust Guide to getting your licence:

1. Apply for your Provisional Licence
You are legally required to have a provisional licence before being behind the wheel, you can apply for one on the DVLA Website. Click here to apply for your provisional licence.

2. Book your Theory Test
There is a lot of theory behind driving, the DVLA theory test assesses your knowledge of the Highway Code and Hazard Perception ability, you must pass your theory test before booking your Practical Test. Click here to book your theory test.

3. Find a Trusted Driving Instructor
Select a Trusted Driving Instructor from the WeTrust Community site. Click here to find a trusted instructor.

4. Book your Driving Lessons
Use our online portal to book a Trusted Instructor. Click here to book your driving lessons.

5. Pass Your Theory Test
Once you pass your theory test you will be able to book your Practical Driving Test

6. Book Your Practical Test
Your Trusted Instructor will let you know when they think you are ready to pass your practical driving test. Click here to book your practice test.

7. Congratulations!
You have your Licence


How it works

WeTrust works tirelessly to ensure that only the most trusted driving instructors can join our community. All instructors have gone through stringent checks which include:

WeTrust Inspection
With nearly X years’ experience in driving instruction our WeTrust Inspector, who makes sure that our driving instructors meet the high standards we set for good service and safe instruction.

Trusted Checks
WeTrust verifies that all instructors who join our community are registered with the DVSA and can provide full service and insurance information for their vehicles.

User Satisfaction
When you use a driving instructor in our community we ask for your feedback which is used on their profiles, so that other learners will see how they perform.

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