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Technology is an ever-growing part of modern living, it’s the primary way we stay connected to the outer world, whether its staying in touch with loved ones of finding out how the team are doing in the ‘big game’, you rely on telco companies to help you get the best out of your technology. That’s why, at WeTrust, we focus on the quality of the services you use most.

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The WeTrust Guarantee
At WeTrust we pride ourselves on finding you services you can trust, so we’ve designed our search tool to help you determine exactly which services you will get the most value out of.

Understanding Your Telco Service Needs
As we’ve mentioned before, technology is an ever-growing and more importantly evolving part of our lives, as a result our needs are constantly changing, which is why we’re going to explain some of the key distinctions between the different kinds of telco services that are available to consumers.

Business Landline Phones

Your business telephone is still one of the main ways local business gets in touch with you. The costs associated having a business phone doesn’t have to be big, no matter how big or small you are there is a trusted provider that can accommodate your landline needs.

Line Rental
Landlines have a Line rental charge that increases every year (with inflation), for business it is £X per month. Many providers now offer considerable savings if you are able to pay quarterly or choose to bundle all your needs into one. There is also the option to use VOIP services that use your internet service for calls and removes line rental charges.

National and Premium Numbers
Even if you only service your local area at the moment, preparing for when your business grows can help you attract customers near and far, with national and premium numbers who are able to give the impression of a larger well resourced business, even if you are currently using a home office.

Directory Listings
Some of our trusted providers can help you find more business by including directory listings as part of your Business telephone plan, ensuring that your customers can find you.


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